Feb 15, 2013

Coach Eck's Training Session 2/15/13

by Chris Ecklund, MA, CSCS, USAW

Another installment.  Quick thoughts:

  1. I started my session late so it got cut short.  Why?  I let myself get caught up in work once I got to Prevail and so I had to cut my training short.  A constant problem I find I have when I train at Prevail (which is why I try to train at UCSB and Westmont more and more often).
  2. Body was not feeling great before I started.  I was exhausted (which is typical at the end of the week), a little achy in Lumbar spine and SI joint (left) so I started of slow and easy to see how I would feel.  At the same time, I had watched a youtube video this morning of a woman 1RMing 330lbs on a Bent Leg Hip Extension (often called a hip thrust).  So, I was ticked as I had not done that as of yet.  Suffice it to say, I did not let my ego get the better of me and progressed into that load slow so I could make sure I felt good enough to try it today.
  3. I have been finding that on the above lift (BL Hip Extension BB), I have noticed the sensation of Lumbar shearing.  It has caught me completely off guard as I did not anticipate that at all.  It could be due to my slight lumbar sponylolystheses that I feel that, it could also be bar placement, it could also be the path of motion and initial position off the floor.  It's something I'm keeping an eye on and need to research a bit more.  I have noticed it's improved (or that I've not felt it as much) each successive week.


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