Mar 21, 2011

Trainer Workout, March 21, 2011

Be sure to warm up before giving this one a try!

*Circuits are 4 sets each*

 Circuit 1 

a. Supinated Inverted Row: 9 reps
b. Foot Elevated Split Squat: 9 reps

c. Burpee to Jump with MedBall: 9 reps

d. Side Bridge In Line: 45 seconds

 Circuit 2

a. Swiss Ball Push Up- (hands on side of ball)- 9 reps

b. 1 Leg BB Good Morning- 9 reps

c. Slideboard- 60 reps

d. Cable Supine Russian Twist on Swiss Ball- 9 reps


Questions about the program? Ask any PCPC Trainer! Be sure to pace yourself and complete in a safe manner at your own risk. Consult a physician before beginning any exercise program. Enjoy!

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