Mar 29, 2011

More Backing for Training to Run Instead of Running to Train

Train to Run Farther, Faster
Paul Robbins November 20, 2008

A training plan for the intermediate runner, this workout session will improve your movement efficiency and your time.

As an intermediate runner, the training sessions here will bolster your movement efficiency, meaning you'll reduce wasted movement and use less energy to travel the same distance or speed. Think of it as upgrading to a more fuel-efficient engine. And by training common weak areas for runners, you'll also become stronger and more resistant to pain and injury.

The Workout
You can consider yourself an intermediate-level runner if you’ve completed a 5K, 10K, or maybe even a marathon.

Directions: Rest at least a day between training sessions and vary your intensity. For example, you might run hard intervals on Monday followed by a day of rest on Tuesday, and then run at a medium intensity on Wednesday. Repeat this general training schedule,or get a customized program.

Intermediate Energy System Development
Warm up in what we call the "yellow zone" (65-75% of your maximum heart rate) for 5 minutes.
Run for 5 minutes in the "green zone" (80-87% of your maximum heart rate).
Run for 2 minutes in "yellow zone."
Repeat steps 2 and 3 for duration of your 30- to 60-minute workout.
* If you don't have a heart rate monitor, then correlate the "green zone" to a mile and the "yellow zone" to a ½ mile.

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