Nov 8, 2010

Prevail Conditioning Performance Center Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

By Chris Ecklund, MA, CSCS
It happened last Tuesday: November 2, 2010. 

Unbelievable. A year has passed already.

As I walked through last week I found that there were many moments of reflection. This has been a typical part of my life over the past 10 years. However, during this last year of opening a business I’ve felt like I’ve been going 100mph and have allowed a very little time to reflect. It has been a welcome change to stop several moments throughout the week and think of the many blessings that have surrounded the opening and first year of Prevail Conditioning Performance Center. Certainly I have been amazed at how quickly the year had passed (the quick passage of time always seems to catch me off guard, no matter how old I get). And, of course I am grateful our business has not only survived in this brutal economy, but has seen strong/consistent growth. Not something to be taken lightly for a first year business. I found, though, that the things which struck me most have been the thankfulness I feel for the people who have been instrumental in Prevail Conditioning. And that is what I’d like to spend a moment, or two, reflecting upon.

A year and a half ago, after much prayer, I brought the idea of opening a Performance and Fitness business to a couple trusted business advisers: Pete Miko and Bill Mace. Quite frankly, it was through their input and amazing help that the doors of Prevail Conditioning Performance Center were opened. Their input and advice (and even physical labor at times) were an invaluable aid and support to the entire process. Certainly I would not have even begun the process without their help. To Bill and Pete, thank you so much for your advice and continued support and counsel.

Throughout the process of both enduring the first year of business as well as getting the support and direction and wisdom I have needed and sought out for the long haul, several others have stepped in to fill many different needs. My family, as always, has been a huge support in encouragement, prayer and wisdom. They have helped meet both business as well as personal needs. Surely they are instrumental in all of the things I do and pursue in my life, and this business has been no different. Thanks Mom, Dad, Michelle and Chris. Your input, encouragement, prayer and practical support in my life are never taken lightly. You are a huge part of who I am.

Several other clients and friends have also stepped in to offer advice, expertise and other support when I have been in need. Josh Yager, Fred and Katie Fisher and Gamble Parks are just a few that I can remember off the top of my head (I hope I’ve not left any others off the list). Thanks to all of you for the many ways you have offered practical help and support to us.

And…our clients. It has been a privilege to serve those who’ve walked through our doors. A priority for us at Prevail has always been to develop relationships with our clients that extend beyond the doors of our business. We have certainly felt blessed by the wonderful people we have had the opportunity to get to know, who have become part of our family here, and for simply getting to walk through this life with you. The wonderful encouragement and support you have shown us in this first year (and beyond) have been so appreciated. Thank you for being a part of our family and for allowing us to share in your lives.

There are also some friends that are due my thanks. My good friends Jeanne Bayles, Tim Barley, Jill Daniels, Peter Blumert, Vince McCarrie, Trevor Young and Mike Willbanks have been so good for me in both keeping me uplifted in prayer as well as asking me the hard questions of life and balance. Certainly I have been encouraged to refocus my attention and concern on what is important in this life and give due attention (but not more) to the other areas of life. Thank you for your continued friendship and accountability. Certainly I should also thank my prayer group as well: Chris Comstock, Jon Killam and Timmy Palmer. Thanks to you guys for…well…the same. Your prayer and walking alongside me in this life has been a needed addition.

And last…but of course not least…my family here at Prevail. Will Hughes, Juliann, Boubel, Kim Clark, Kate Thielicke and Emily Canfield…what a blessing of a team. So many times throughout the course of this year I have been awestruck at the gift God has given me in you. A team like this one is a rare thing, as we have often reflected upon. I do hope that we are allowed to enjoy this team for several years to come, but whatever may come I want you to know that I have been so blessed by you all in so many ways. You have brought laughter, balance, encouragement, youthfulness, prayer, fun, a desire to learn, and compassion for people to name a few. I am reminded of Family workouts and the wonderful torture we have offered one another, birthday celebrations, PCPC get togethers orchestrated by the Party Planning Committee, prayer together, and wonderful times when we are all in PCPC working and training together. Above all these things, you have grown into my second family. It has been a privilege to walk through the joys, struggles and painful times of this past year. I pray God continues to bless our time together as well as your lives and work you do.

Of course there are many more who have played rolls in this process and are due thanks. And if I’ve missed you in this, please know what we are thankful for you.

We hope that we get the opportunity to serve Santa Barbara and beyond for many years to come. 

Thank you.


Clark said...

You're awesome, Chris. I am so happy/excited for what is to come for PCPC in the years to come. I love being apart of this team.. FAMILY! Plenty more brutal Family workouts to come ;)

Chris Ecklund, MA, CSCS said...

Thanks, Kimbo. I'm so glad you're a part of this team as well. Look forward to many years with you.

Anonymous said...

Chris, it's been a privilege getting to know you & letting you physically destroy me week in/week out over the last few years. Thanks for your continued accountability and support. Thanks for not kicking me out of class yet!!! Bill