Nov 8, 2010

Another good read

Take a moment to read this article.  I think Martin Rooney puts out some solid material and enjoyed what he had to say about some recent "popular" literature.  For those that have been keeping up on some of the current trends in strength and conditioning, "talent" and "work ethic" are some oft hit topics.  One that is in the not so distant past that reminded me very much of what Rooney covered here is "deceleration training."  Something that was extremely popular last year (2009) and was a huge topic of seminars, workshops and articles all over the U.S.  My contention was similar to what Rooney concluded in his article here: "this shouldn't be a brand new training concept.  It should have been something we've been implementing all along."

Hope you enjoy:

The Talent Revelation
by Martin Rooney

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