Aug 11, 2009


Olympic lifts (and variations thereof) are excellent full body lifts that incorporate and maximize power. While highly technical, if coached appropriately the lifts can be a great way to maximize power potential for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Thought the coaching points below will help, I strongly recommend working with an NSCA Strength Coach or USAW Club Coach to learn appropriate technique.

Coaching Points:
1. Feet shoulder width (or slightly wider), weight balanced heel to ball of foot, neutral spine, shoulders retracted, shoulder width grip and shoulder over (or ahead of) the bar.
2. With the bar as close to the body as possible, squeeze the bar off the floor extending the knees and hips but maintaining torso angle with the floor.
3. Gradually accelerate the bar and once the bar passes the knee, "scoop" the thighs under the bar so the body is in a more upright position.
4. Explode into triple extension, shrug and pull yourself under the bar (in that order).
5. Rack the bar on the deltoid making sure the elbows point straight ahead and the bar is resting on the shoulders.
6. Make sure to move the bar vertically as much as possible. Do not let the bar deviate forward or backward of that path.
7. Lower the bar in a controlled manner back to the floor.

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