Jul 22, 2009

4 MORE Reasons You're Not Losing Fat

Just came across this article and thought it would be a great follow up to the the Q&A: Bodyfat Loss article I posted a few days back. I have a good deal of respect for Dr. John Berardi and his perspectives and approaches to solid, healthy nutrition practices (see his Precision Nutrition website).

Over the years as a Strength Coach and trainer I have found empirically that most people struggle with consistent good nutrition and exercise practices...nothing fancy...just the basics not being done often enough. As such, gaining the consistency in those areas is the simple (but not so simple) fix. However, there is another minority group of people that struggle to either achieve weight loss, weight gain, or health and energy goals despite their ability to apply consistent good practices. They do it...but still no results. And that is the group that this article addresses.

Give it a read.

Four Reasons You're not losing Fat (click here to read)
by Dr. Brian Walsh

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