Oct 8, 2008

October Special: Post Workout Recovery Shake

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What is Post-Workout Recovery?
Post-Workout Recovery is a great tasting, easy-to-make shake available in chocolate and vanilla flavors. With more than 30 vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that support your muscle’s metabolic processes, it is a great source for recovery and for minimizing muscle soreness. Post-Workout Recovery contains a combination of high-grade protein, glucose polymers and other carbohydrates to give the body energy and structural support.

Why Post-Workout Recovery?
One of the biggest challenges in exercise and workout is dealing with the exhaustion and soreness afterwards. Muscle recovery is a key factor in maintaining and improving an exercise or workout program. With Post-Workout Recovery, your body will recover more quickly, allowing you the ability to strengthen and improve how well and how often you exercise.

Who needs Post-Workout Recovery?
• Anyone who desires better muscle recovery
• People wanting to prevent or lessen muscle soreness
• Someone looking to restore energy supplies after physical activity
• People looking to enhance their current exercise/weightlifting program
• Anyone wanting to gain lean muscle mass

What are the benefits?
• Optimizes muscle recovery
• Minimizes muscle soreness
• Enhances physical performance and endurance
• Helps maintain and restore energy during and after physical activity
• Supplies essential components for muscle repair

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