Feb 22, 2013

Coach Eck's Training Sessions 2/22/13

by Chris Ecklund, MA, CSCS, USAW

The fun continues...

Quick thoughts:

  1. I did it again... I came in early to work in order to get some things done but did not stop in time to get my full workout in.  Had to cut out at least one Complex of my morning workout.
  2. I did not workout yesterday as I was simply too busy at work.  I was hoping to get in two short sessions today.  Didn't happen.  Still too much work to do.
  3. One of my interns (Chelsea Davis) asked me a great question regarding my last Friday workout today.  The question was regarding my workout length, essentially asking how much I actually cut out and how long my workout usually are.  That made me realize I needed to clarify something.
    1. My Total Workout Time listed is from the moment I start my SMR until I have completed my last rep.  Usually I try to do all of it in 1 Hour.  That's pretty quick.  So cutting out a complex didn't makes my workout REALLY quick.
    2. I usually have my clients do 5-15 minutes of SMR prior to beginning their workout (which lasts 60 minutes).  So essentially my clients' sessions are 75 minutes from start to finish.
  4. ESD today: Coed Soccer!  We just formed a Prevail Conditioning soccer team with clients, trainers, and friends.  Great time.  I used that as my ESD today.  As you can see from my warm up it was pretty quick.  I was running late from picking my car up from the mechanic, got to the game late, so I warmed up while our team started playing.  I'm glad I did, too, as I was NOT in shape to play the full game and was a bit hurtin' after the game since I've not done enough multidirectional conditioning in a while.  I would have been really sore if I hadn't warmed up.

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