Feb 5, 2013

Client Spotlight: Jerry Wilbarger

Kim Clark, NSCA-CPT

An Interview with Jerry Wilbarger

1. What brought you to Prevail Jerry?

What brought me to Prevail was Kim Clark. When she recieved her training certification and started working there, she suggested I come down and see if I would like to train there. I did, and was impressed on how nice and enthusiastic everyone was.

2. What goals have you accomplished since coming to Prevail?

The main goal I accomplished was increasing my core strength and stability. Because of years of use and abuse, my back and my knees aren't what they used to be. I have found though, that with strengthing my core I am able to make it through work and play with a lot less pain.

3. Why do you come to Prevail verses other gyms?

The reason I come to Prevail is for knowledge and motivation. I have weight trained for most of my life, so before joining Prevail, my workouts were getting really stale. Having Kim show me new excersises or new ways of doing an old excersise inspires me to work out harder. Thanks Kim!!!

4. What are your hobbies/interests outside of training?

My outside interests include biking,hiking,music,reading...eating.

5. Who would you recommend Prevail to?

I would recommend Prevail to anyone who has an interest in fitness. I have total confidence that they can help anyone from a professional athelete to a novice excersiser reach whatever goal they may have.

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