Jul 16, 2012

Exciting New Developments

As you may have noticed it’s been a couple months since we’ve gotten a newsletter out to you. It certainly hasn’t been for lack of desire (or content, for that matter). Point in fact it has been quite the opposite. So many exciting things have been happening at Prevail—and have been happening so quickly—that we have simply been trying to keep our heads above the waterline.

Now that Summer is here and we have the opportunity to take a breather, allow us a moment to share the news with you:

1. Satellite Prevail Conditioning Performance Centers emerge!

a. Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club: many of you have noticed on our blog or Facebook pages, as of the first of July, Prevail has developed a new and exciting relationship with the SBPRC to provide our industry-leading Strength & Conditioning, Fitness and Nutrition services onsite for their members, guests and Professional/Recreational Polo and Tennis players. We are thrilled and honored to be able to offer our services at the SBPRC. They have a rich tradition with over 100 years of history in Santa Barbara.

b. Hayashida & Associates Physical Therapy: a longstanding relationship between Prevail Conditioning Hayashida & Associates Physical Therapy has given rise to a new venture that we are equally as excited about. For nearly the past 6 years, Prevail and HAPT have worked closely to care for and work with clientele to maximize health and performance. Effective July 9th, HAPT has brought Prevail Conditioning in-house to oversee and develop Strength & Conditioning, Fitness and Post-Rehab programming and training. HAPT has a respected reputation for being among the best Physical Therapists in Santa Barbara and a leader in the industry, so a partnership between HAPT and Prevail was a natural fit. 

*We are available to take appointments or schedule you for group training at both locations effective immediately!

2.  Jill Latham, MS, RD, Sports Dietitian Joins Prevail Conditioning: 
A long-awaited void has finally been filled! As you know, Prevail Conditioning prides itself on offering the highest level of a Holistic, Multidisciplinary approach to Performance and Health in Santa Barbara, CA. As such, we have been searching and waiting patiently for a Dietitian that would be the right fit for our team atmosphere of experts. She is finally here! Jill Latham joined our team this July and is already off and running offering a full spectrum of nutrition services that support health and wellness, performance and the rehabilitative process of physical therapy. Prevail Conditioning clients!...contact Jade Mundell to find out what free services are available for you now. For those interested in Jill’s ongoing services, consultations, meal-planning, etc., contact Jade at jade@prevailconditioning.com to schedule an appointment and further your progress!

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