Feb 28, 2011

Trainer Workout, Feb 28, 2011

As always, warm up before you get started! Enjoy!

*All Trisets 3 sets each*

Strength/Complex Triset 1
1a. Front Squat Barbell (4-8 reps)
b. Neutral Grip Pull Up (6-8 reps)
c. Single or Double leg Box Jump Up/Down (4 reps)

Strength/Complex Triset 2
2a. DB Alt. Extended Chest Press (4-6 ea. arm)
b. Barbell 1Leg RDL (4-6 ea. leg)
c. MedBall Lateral Hop-Rotational Throw (4 ea.)

Metabolic Work
...And finish it up with...Sled Pushes!!!

45-90 lbs.
4 sets X 4 reps of 15 yards
Work:Rest = 1:1

Questions about the program? Ask any PCPC Trainer! Be sure to pace yourself and complete in a safe manner at your own risk. Consult a physician before beginning any exercise program. Enjoy!

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