Oct 16, 2009

Did you know?...Prevail Performance Center is coming!

Prevail Conditioning is opening up a brand new Performance and Fitness Facility on November 1, 2009!

We are hustling to get the facility ready to go and are excited to be offering the best new Sports/Athletic Performance and Fitness Center in Santa Barbara, CA! Take a look at the photos to the right to see our progress (and dust). More photos and videos to some!

Not only will we be offering the same world-class, high level performance, fitness and nutrition services, but we will be adding even more to our clients:


Muscle Activation Techniques with Joe Marso, M.A.T.

Massage Therapy

Same Great Services:
Private Training
Partner/Small Group Training
On & Off site Training
Acceleration/Deceleration Training
Power Development
Olympic Lifting
Functional Training
Metabolic Conditioning
Energy System Developement
Multidirectional/Multiplanar Training
Max Velocity Development
Agility & Quickness Development
Rate of Force Development Improvements
Functional Movement Screens and Analysis
Fitness & Bodyfat Loss
Nutrition & Supplements

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