Jul 14, 2009

Cook Squat- Squat Mobility

The Cook Squat (a movement pattern developed by Gray Cook, www.functionalmovement.com) is a movement that can be implemented in either your Movement Prep, Mobility or Corrective Exercise phase of your program. Not only does it emphasize proper muscle firing sequences, but it also challenges joint mobility and muscle flexibility while activating core stabilizers.

Technique points:
1. Feet parallel and heels on floor from start to finish
2. Hinge at hips and drop into a hamstring stretch
3. Sit hips down toward heels until hips drop below knees or to comfortable depth.
4. Reach hands to floor directly between feet while keeping thighs outside arms.
5. Reach up into a Y with straight arms to activate core and then return to standing position by driving through heels.

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