Jul 20, 2009

Client Spotlight: Ed Drayton, Senior Baseball Player

Ed Drayton on Rehydrate, Muscle Fuel and Post Workout Recovery Shake after a 3 day Tournament:

"Rehydrate & Muscle Fuel worked like a charm. The Fuel was a big surprise. Very smooth and consistent. Post Recovery did its thing. The team won our first three games plus one playoff game, so 4 in a row. I wanted to give the 8 remaining Muscle Fuel to the teams most in need. It was our 5th game and were all feeling it, but had to win two more. Turns out we had nothing left after using our starters too often the games before. Good tourney for me personally. And most of all the products from Advocare were my secret weapon. They allowed me to do what I can without over doing it."

"I have the fuel and that is working out great! Can't say enough about the products. But if I did I would say that I use to put out 100% and then have to push which took a lot of energy. Now I have more energy and staying power at 100%, so when I push I don't feel like I'll break or hurt myself. So way more confidence."

-Ed Drayton, Ventura NABA player

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