May 11, 2009


Tonight one of those events happened that forces a person to stop and reflect.

One of the friends from my youth passed away. Cancer. 33 years old.

It can be a pretty painful thing to reflect on, the loss of a friend. I think mostly of her family, her husband, her young boy. And yet for me there are also joys in the midst. I know that she is no longer in pain after years of battling. I know that I will see her on the other side. I know that she is with my Heavenly Father.

But as I mentioned, it does cause one to reflect...on the meaning of life, on the significance that is given (or should be given) to the activities we engage in each day, on what is of true value and worth.

It was quite something to watch Monica live her life from a distance the last couple years. She modeled to me that "to live is Christ," a concept I struggle with.

Blessings and peace to you Monica.

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Vince said...

I am sorry. The more we live the less we truly understand. Life is a gift we must not waste.