Mar 25, 2008

Client Spotlight: Anne Chen

During a century bike ride, my best cycling outfit was shredded when I crashed and fractured the neck of my femur. After emergency surgery and spending over 5 months on crutches, I realized what a gift it is to be able to move freely without fear of injury. So as soon as my physical therapist gave me the green light to join Chris’ conditioning class, I jumped at the chance to rebuild my muscles. Since then, I have come to appreciate that the benefits of his training far exceeded my expectations. Chris’ classes and consultations have played an integral role in rebuilding my confidence with physical activities.

When Chris and I met for a personal fitness consultation, I told him that one of my main goals is to minimize the risk of serious injury while exercising or cycling. I also asked him to teach me how to run correctly and mentioned that my dream goal was to enter a bike race. Chris designed a perfect program for me to work towards my fitness goals. I have enjoyed every workout. Chris’ class combined with his training advice has been instrumental in my return to activities. I feel safe in class and much more confident in other physical activities.

As I returned to my previous fitness level on the bike, I crashed during a training ride and broke my scapula. It was amazing how quickly it healed, and I was able to get back to my usual physical activities in a short period of time in order to attend a training camp for cyclists. I believe this is partly due to the workouts designed by Chris, because a cyclist with strong, balanced muscles will fair better in the event of an accident.

Now my cycling workouts are planned around Chris’ classes, and I really look forward to working out with him. I love moving from exercise to exercise and working as hard as possible during the circuits. At the end of class, I feel exhilarated and a little sad that it’s over. I’ve come to realize that the workout is quite thorough and safe. One of the best features of the class is that people can work at different ability levels. In particular, the class has been invaluable for my return to more advanced impact activities. Thank you Chris for all the corrections on my landings, stances, and knee positions. And thanks for helping me achieve my dream goal: I entered a criterium bike race, and even though I was only in the lead briefly and my calves were cramping towards the end of the race, I stayed with the group. There were even a few moments when time seemed to stand still and I felt great, absorbed in the bright colors of the uniforms and the sounds of the spinning gears.

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