Mar 5, 2008

10 Minute Workouts

Chris, nice job posting some program design examples.

How bout a 10 minute workout? Can it be done?

Tim MacDonald

P.S. congrats on the M & F gig, well deserved.


I see more and more workouts that are published and advertised as such (10 minute workouts or less). I think they all got popular back when the good ol' "8 Minute Ab" tapes hit the market several years ago.

Truth be told, everyone wants to get great results with minimal time--and perhaps effort (matter of fact, this is one of my client's Mantras). While we've got to be realistic about this deal, the short answer to the question is, 'yes.'

I am a firm believer in the adage "something is better than nothing." I heard a trainer several years ago actually coin a "10 Minute Rule" for his client workouts. His point: if your clients can get in at least 10 minutes of activity, have them do it. Usually what happens is once you get in 10 minutes an individual is more likely to get in 5 or 10 more since he/she is already engaged. But even if they don't, they've still burned more calories and gained health benefits they otherwise would not have.

Here are some guidelines for 10 minutes workouts:
1. Use the Tri Set/Mini Circuit Workouts I posted as a start.
2. Get in as much as you can in 10 minutes (don't stop moving).
3. Get it in at least 4x/week.
4. Be realistic about the results. You will NOT get ripped in 10 days (or even 4 weeks) despite what the commercials hype...but you will get in better shape and maintain your health.
*By the way, if you DO get your nutrition in order, it IS possible to drop some great bodyfat and increase muscle in 1-2 months by implementing these simple workouts.

Thanks for the question, Tim. Hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

I believe the actual quote was maximum results with minum effort.

Chris Ecklund, MA, CSCS said...

My sincere apologies to you, Mr. Pete Miko.

Anonymous said...

Uh, what's "minum effort"? I'm new to working out. My ten minute set consists of rolling around my office in my chair as fast as I can. Rosen Rosen

Chris Ecklund, MA, CSCS said...

AAAHHHHHHAAA!!! Rosen Rosen! Long time no talk. You jest about the roller chair...but I knew a trainer about 10 years ago who spent an entire session in the group exercise room throwing all the swiss balls to the other end of the room and then making his client roll (in a roller chair) over and pick each one up to return it to the rack.

So, do with that what you will. Maybe add some iMac overhead presses, a couple detention file curls, and you're good to go.