Feb 28, 2008

Mini Circuit Program

Only have 20-30 minutes 2 - 3x/wk for exercise? This is the program to help you lose bodyfat and increase fitness.

Day One

Outline (Example Exercise)
1a. Combo Lift (Squat - Bi Curl - Shoulder Press)
b. Bridge (Prone Bridge w/ Y Reach)
c. Combo Lift (Cable Squat – Row)
d. Abdominal Crunch (Bicycle Crunch)
e. Balance (Single Leg Balance Eyes Closed)
*SMR or Cardio/Agility Interval (2 min Bear Crawl 10 yds - Crab Walk 10 yds - Run 10 yds)

2a. Combo Lift (Push Up – Row)
b. Bridge (Side Bridges w/Abduction)
c. Combo Lift (MB RDL – Dead Lift – Overhead Squat)
d. Abdominal (Standing BB Russian Twist)
e. Shoulder PreHab (Bodyblade Sagittal Plane 90˚ Abduction)
*SMR or Cardio/Agility Interval (SMR Latissimus Dorsi)

Day Two
Outline (Example Exercise)
1a. Combo Lift (SL RDL to Row)
b. Bridge (Supine Bridge Elbows on Bench)
c. Combo Lift (Cable Split Squat – Chest Press)
d. Core (Cable Lift)
e. Balance (Single Leg Balance Triangles)
*SMR or Cardio/Agility Interval (SMR ITBand)

2a. Combo Lift (Pull up – Hanging Ab)
b. Draw In (Dead Bugs)
c. Combo Lift (Double Leg Hip Lift – DB Chest Press)
d. Core (Cable Chop)
e. Power Lift (Push Press)
*SMR or Cardio/Agility Interval (60 second Jump Rope)

Exercises performed in succession (i.e. set of A, set of B, set of C, D, E, SMR/Cardio Agility…repeat). All exercises in each group performed with no time between.

Sets: 2-4
Reps: 6-10 (strength/power), 8-12 (general fitness, bodyfat decrease)
Frequency: 2-4 days/week (must alternate days)

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