Dec 3, 2007

Core Conditioning November 2007

Here is the November program for the Core Performance group training class. For those of you who are athletes, weekend warriors, or just looking for something different than the typical "gym" workout...put this into effect for a month and watch your agility, stability, balance, explosiveness and core strength improve. If you are an athlete, you can utilize this program as a pre-season, in-season or off season program for improving strength and power endurance.

Variations and progressions exist with each exercise. Holler with questions:

Dynamic Warm Up (5-10 minutes)

Core Circuit (2-4 Sets / 30 seconds each / 0-5 seconds between exercises)
Side Bridge
Side Bridge (other side)
Cable PNF Lift (Kneeling first)
Quadruped Contralateral or Ipsilateral Reach
Draw In on Foam Roller w/Marches

Explosive / Balance Circuit (same sets/time)
Balance Board Squats (lateral wobble)
Mini Hurdle Acceleration Skips
1/4 Squat Balance Triangles on Ball of Foot
Single Leg 1/4 Turn Jump and Stick
Single 1/4 Squat Balance with Swiss Ball Pass
Broad Jump and Stick

Agility / Lift Circuit (same sets/time)
Push Up (one hand on slide board)
Lateral In-n-Outs Agility Ladder
Inverted Row
Star Drill in Cones
Bear Crawl and Crab Walk
Dumbbell Diagonal Lunge

Active-Isolated Stretching Cool Down (5-10 minutes)
Arm Hugs
Knee Hug Walks
Quad Stretch Walks
Straight Leg High Kick Walks
Piriformis Stretch Walks
Hip Circles

Make sure you can do exercises with perfect posture and landing technique prior to progressing to more difficult variations.


Consult a physician prior to beginning any exercise program and stop at the onset of any pain or dizziness.

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