Sep 10, 2007

Improve Your Athletic Performance for Golf?

Are you crazy? Performance Training to improve your golf game? What ever happened to tossing back a few with the fellas and hopping in the golf cart for a quick 18 on a Saturday afternoon…??? Ask players like Tiger Woods that question and you’re likely to get a whole new perspective.

Over the last couple decades our knowledge of exercise physiology (how the body performs under various types of stressful, exercise, and performance demanding environments) has grown vastly. In the industry of Strength, Performance and Conditioning training we have had a rapid influx of research in every area of sporting and athletic activities. And they are all telling us the same things: through biomechanical analysis of muscular strengths, weaknesses and imbalances we can effectively design a Strengthening and Flexibility program that will both improve performance and decrease risk for injury. Without question elite golfers now see the importance of implementing a regular exercise regime into their routine. Why? They have seen the value in it as their drives are getting longer and their career longevity improves due to increased stability and mobility.

My guess is you’re thinking to yourself, “I’m not on the PGA Tour, so what does it matter?” Here’s a couple thoughts for you to ponder…

First, though you may not be an elite level golfer your career longevity is most certainly affected through what you are doing (or not doing) to prepare and keep your body conditioned. Just as in any athletic or sporting endeavor, mechanical stresses to a body have a similar effect over time…wear and tear. If you perform the same or similar movements with this machine called the human body over time, it will be effected just as a mechanical machine will. It WILL break down. These types of injuries are coined “chronic” as they slowly take place over 5 or 10 years. Take for example a very common overuse injury today, carpal tunnel syndrome. This is breakdown of the body due to over-doing or over-utilizing the same motion. Carry this truth over to golf. If you haven’t already had an injury my guess is that you know someone who has either dealt with lower back pain, elbow epicondylitis (tendonitis), rotator cuff problems, hip discomfort, sciatic pain, and the list goes on. If you’d like to continue playing longer and gaining the enjoyment out of the game then heading off these types of injuries early on is important. You’ll be able to play longer with less pain.

A second reason is your increased enjoyment out of the game. This can honestly be as simple as the increased health benefits you gain out of an appropriately designed exercise program so that you are in better shape and less fatigued out on the course. However, for those who have the desire to seek continued improvement in their games, improved performance through more strength, power, dynamic postural control, improvements in core, mobility and stability significantly contribute to more consistent play on the course. The less you have to worry about what your body can or can’t do, the more you can focus on some of the other more important parts of your game.

That is what we do at Prevail Conditioning. We have developed the finest Biomechanical Analysis and Golf Performance Enhancement Program based on the latest research in the field in order to better help increase performance and career longevity. So whether you are looking for a healthier and longer career, maximize your game, or even take it to the next level…we’ll help you do that.

Written for Santa Barbara Golf Club Newsletter

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