Mar 11, 2007

First issue of SportsVision Magazine hit the Racks!

It's official! The first issue of SportsVision Magazine is out! You can check it out at:

My column entitled "The 20/20 Workout: 20 minutes for 20 workout sessions to 20/20 sports vision" is featured on pages 46-47.

SportsVision Magazine Mission Statement:
"Our experience is in writing, research and publishing. In the areas of strength training, sports medicine, psychology, coaching, optometry, conditioning, etc., we rely on experts in the field. Our mandate is to take the sports vision expertise and re-package it in a reader-friendly way that can help athletes to improve their performance."

Improving vision acuity has become one of the cutting edge techniques utilized in strength and conditioning of athletes in order to gain yet another edge that most still do not possess.

Information for subscription is available via the website.

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