Jul 2, 2014

New Faces at Prevail Conditioning

New to Prevail! 

If you've been into Prevail Conditioning recently, you have probably noticed some new faces. If you get a chance to say hello and introduce yourself, please do!  Our new staff and interns would love to meet you.

Please welcome our new team members. 

Mallory Langston-Cooper: Yoga instructor extraordinaire. We have looked high and low to find a Yoga instructor who is the perfect compliment to Prevail’s holistic, multidisciplinary approach…Mallory was our great find. Make sure to check out her Saturday morning Yoga class (all of you who need extra mobility work!)

Justin Willis, CPT, CES, PES: Justin is a recent grad from UCSB and a great addition to our Strength Coach and post rehab training team. 

Leah Gaston, CMT: massage therapy and bodywork has been a long time search and desire for Prevail Conditioning. We are so excited to have Leah on board to offer our clients the soft tissue, trigger point, and myofascial therapy they need. Schedule with her soon! 

Alexis Anderson, BS, CSCS: she is tiny little thing, but sharp as a tack, packed with power, and full of smiles. Alexis is a recent grad of Westmont College and has been a fantastic addition to our Strength Coach and Personal Training team. 

Kim Tom, CPT: another wonderful addition to our Personal Training staff. Kim brings a passion for fitness and desire to combine it with travel and adventure for clients looking for something new. 

Prevail has the best Interns around. Say hello to our summer crew and see if you can stump them with an exercise physiology question! 

Greyson Schultz: UCSB Graduate 

Gina Uribe Lamb: Westmont Graduate 

Sherry Gutsch: University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Graduate

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