Jul 15, 2013

New Technology in Movement Science

By: Samantha Kleen BS

Dr. Maury Hayashida and Dr. Tom Walters founded the ArthroKinetic Institute (AKI) in Santa Barbara after receiving training and education on movement science from University of Southern California. At the AKI movement laboratory, located at 319 Anacapa Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101, Dr. Hayashida and Dr. Walters offer movement analysis designed to prevent and correct musculoskeletal system dysfunction. Evidence-based medicine and affordability provide clients with confidence in the service they are receiving at AKI.

What To Expect

Upon arriving at AKI, clients can expect to be welcomed into a friendly and active environment. The building is shared with Hayashida & Associates Physical Therapy and the following services are offered: video motion analysis, manual therapy, and Neurac(TM). Clients will initially meet with a therapist and together they will discuss a cocktail of services unique to their case. Plates on the ground and on a treadmill allow for distribution of force to be measured, while high-speed video capabilities allow for visual feedback. A therapist will take their client through a series of movements using the force measurements and video analysis to address musculoskeletal dysfunction and implement a treatment plan.

Why It's Important

Video feedback at AKI provides the therapist and clients with tangible evidence of movement patterns, correct or dysfunctional, and instantly tracks progress. While any demographic can benefit from movement analysis, it's return spans far beyond sustaining good health. AKI technology can be used in advancing athletic performance, often times in the realm of preventative medicine, targeting an area of the body vulnerable to injury and demonstrating correct movement patterns. One of the most pervasive injuries in soccer is seen in ladies tearing their anterior cruciate ligament or meniscus, however, through the technology offered at AKI's movement laboratory, female athletes can be trained to gain more musculoskeletal and proprioceptive control. AKI-SB is on the front line of research for movement science and its service will continue to be validated as preventative medicine, a valid treatment for pain, and a successful alternative to surgical procedures. 

Visit AKI-SB's website for more information: http://www.aki-sb.com/ 

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