May 6, 2013

Choosing 1 Exercise for Life

Daniel Guzman, BS, CSCS

The team at Prevail has been talking about their favorite movements or exercises to do in their programs. Some of us love metabolic work and others are more strength based. So we proposed the question:

If you could choose to perform just one lift or exercise for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Office Manager Jade Mundell:
I would probably say a Tabata of some sort because they are quick, intense an effective. I like that I can add them into any workout to boost metabolic work. Also, if I’m short on time, I can do one anywhere with no equipment.

Coach Jacob Goodin:
I suppose I would have to say the deadlift. It uses and coordinates more muscle mass then any other lift. It also builds posterior chain strength, a nice bootay, and when coached correctly can help fix a host of postural problems. Plus, nothing feels better than ripping huge weights off the floor and then dropping them.

Coach Juliann Lynch:
My number one is a deadlift, but I love the push up as well. They require great scap and core stability through out the entire exercise. Plus, they can be done is so many different ways to alter where the workload is concentrated and body tension is really needed.

Coach Peter Blumert:
The Snatch. It has/teaches all the components of pure athleticism: mobility, stability, technique, power, strength, balance. More so than any other exercise, if I can still do a full squat snatch in 30 years from now, I will be a very happy old man.

Coach Chris Ecklund:
If only one: Clean - Front Squat - Jerk (from the floor). Probably a 2:2:1 ratio. Great posterior chain pull from the floor (and relatively light for us old guys). Helps maintain hip and ankle mobility, grip strength, upper body pulling patters. Good scap stability and dynamic pull. Triple Extension explosive movement. Love front squats, so I like this combo because it gives rise to various catch heights (catching high into a full squat, catching low in a squat). Also, the jerk for upper body push and shoulder girdle stability. Good eccentric shoulder press pattern.

Coach Daniel Guzman:
I would choose any form of the Clean (from the floor or hang, high catch position or low catch position). First, the clean is a movement that I have a lot to work on and I know I could continue to learn and perfect my clean for the rest of my life. It is a dynamic movement that calls for specific direction and rate of force development by recruiting typeII muscle fibers. One of the top choices for athletes as well.

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