Jan 5, 2013

Thoracic Mobility: Do You Have It?

Prevail Strength Coaches Jacob Goodin and Daniel Guzman

Are you slouching over in your chair as you read this?

Modern society has us focussed on what is in front of us--be it a plate of food, a computer screen, smart phone, or the latest best-selling book (kindle edition, of course).  This makes it very easy to habitually move with a head-forward, shoulders-forward posture that can lead to a rounded and immobile thoracic spine (T-spine), among other things.  A stiff T-spine could lead to compensatory patterns including but not limited too: lumbar hyper-mobility and instability, glenohumeral hyper-mobility and instability, and decreased tidal volume in the lungs.

Thankfully, there are a few simple drills we can perform to counteract these effects.  The videos below show and explain how to do each of them.

Now stop slouching and do these drills!

T-spine Foam Roller Mobilization

Seated T-spine Rotation

Supine T-spine Extension Rotation Drill

Quadruped T-spine Extension Rotation Drill

And there you have it, 4 drills you can do now that will improve your T-spine mobility, shoulder health, and low back health.

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