Dec 4, 2012

Prevail Internships: The Best Fitness Internship in Santa Barbara

By Prevail Trainer Jacob Goodin 

A lot of kinesiology and exercises science students tell me that they want to become a personal trainer or strength coach upon graduating from college. They usually have some sort of athletic background or experience in the weight room, and some of them have even spent a semester studying for the CSCS certification and have a decent foundation of theory and science to draw from. Since I work at Westmont College, a lot of these folks live in the Santa Barbara area and ask me what they can do to get experience and a foot in the door. The answer is this: 

Do an internship at Prevail Conditioning. It's the best thing you can do for your career. 

I went through the internship process myself, and can attest to the incredible wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience that each intern gains from Chris, Pete, and the other trainers. Recently John Vaccaro and Brad Pullen graduated from the Prevail Intern program. Here is what they have to say: 

I had not heard about the internship with Prevail Conditioning but a friend of mine was in one of Chris’s weight training classes at UCSB and told me about Prevail, so I looked it up online and found the internship program. I applied for the internship because I had just completed a personal training certificate at UCSB and wanted to continue my training. From observing trainers with clients and groups I learned how to teach a lot of new exercises and how to use cues to ensure clients perform them with good technique. The theory sessions were very interesting and I learnt about basic exercise science, training methods and how to design programs. The internship helped me understand the importance of training athletes for sport and how training methods change depending on their sports requirements. It will help me in the future as I want to work in the fitness industry and now I have some valuable experience. Everyone at Prevail was very friendly and helpful and I am very thankful to Chris for the opportunity to have completed this internship. 

~Brad Pullen 

"Engaging in the Prevail Internship Program was awesome. I heard from one of my roommates about Chris's facility in downtown Santa Barbara and I figured getting some experience in this profession would be a great idea. I am an Economics major at UCSB and I feel that this internship is a great asset and an awesome learning experience. By observing Chris, I have an appreciation for the care that Chris and his staff give to their clients. Chris treats his clients with care, respect, and always brings energy to every workout. I learned a ton from Chris and now focus on proper body movement. My experience at Prevail was awesome. By participating in the metabolic and energy system development workouts, I have a newfound appreciation for pushing the body to another level through proper movement. I want to thank Chris and all the team members of Prevail for a great learning experience." 

~John Vaccaro

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