Jul 13, 2012

Youth Sports Performance Enhancement at Prevail

A long time desire for Prevail Conditioning has been the introduction of a Youth Strength and Conditioning Program to the services that we offer.  After a couple years of preparation, this summer we kicked off our Youth Sports Performance program.  It is something that through years of experience and research (click link to read), we believe is both a need in the industry as well as fitting with the Long Term Athletic Development Model that we promote (see figure below).

If you haven't checked out what Prevail Conditioning has to offer, come take a look this summer at the wonderful things we are doing with our Youth Sports Performance Program to help kids improve foundational movement patterns, increase and explore motor learning, decrease injury, and have more fun playing games and sports.  Check our group times and availability (click here)

For more information regarding Youth and the appropriateness of Sports Performance training, read this short article posted on the National Strength & Conditioning Association's (NSCA) page.  The NSCA is a world leader in Strength & Conditioning Research and application:

Why Youth Strength and Conditioning Matters (click link to read)

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