Dec 7, 2011

Winter Nutrition

By Sarah Schutzberger, RD, CSO, Nutrition Specialist

Why am I hungrier in the colder weather? It's common to get the munchies when the temperature drops. Eating is one way that your body can warm itself. Remember the definition of calories is energy given off as heat. So when you’re eating, you are providing your body with “heat”. Now is it starting to make sense?
To stay warm doesn’t mean you need to load up on the calories. However, if you start shivering, by all means grab a snack. (Shivering can burn up to 400 calories an hour.) But for those who enjoy exercising outside, this is one way to give your calorie burn a boost. According to experts, your body burns up to 13 percent more calories in colder conditions. For instance, if you burn 500 calories during your morning run in the spring, you can expect to burn about an additional 65 calories in the cold.
To help control your cravings during chilly weather and workouts, dress warmly, spread your meals evenly throughout the day, hydrate, and remember to eat before and after your workout.

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