Apr 4, 2011

Client Spotlight: Spencer Fraker

Senior Baseball Player

Santa Barbara High School

I started training with Chris Ecklund and Prevail Conditioning after my sophomore year in high school.  I am now in my second full year of training with Chris and it has been an incredible experience.  As a sophomore, I was called up to play varsity baseball at Santa Barbara High School.  After that season, I realized I had to do something more if I was going to succeed at that level.  I have never been a very big, strong, or fast guy and after playing at the highest high school level these weaknesses became very evident.  I decided to work with Chris at Prevail that summer.  We worked hard at building up speed and quickness, increasing overall strength, and improving nutrition.  During that summer, I noticed results and am continuing to notice results two years later.  I have really enjoyed the workout regimens that Chris has put together during this time.  He puts in the time to assess each client and develop specific workouts and exercises that cater to their individual needs.  These workouts and exercises vary depending on the individual.  I have had many nagging injuries over the past two years, but through Chris’ expertise, we have been able to train and increase strength while healing and not risking further injury.  Chris allowed me to heal quicker and get back out on the field faster.  Now, as a senior, I have gained 25 pounds of muscle and increased my speed tremendously.

I am grateful to Chris and Prevail Conditioning for the time they have invested in me.  I would recommend Prevail to anyone and everyone for personalized attention and training.  It is a very motivating environment for both athletes and non-athletes that are looking to improve their physical fitness.  It is especially great for those who are a little less self-motivated and need to be pushed, such as myself.

Questions? Contact Chris Ecklund here: chris@prevailconditioning.com

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