Apr 26, 2011

Client Spotlight: Brittany Jewett

Soccer Player
Westmont College 

Our daughter, Brittany Jewett, a student at Westmont College and a soccer player, had a Fulkerson Osteotomy knee surgery at UW Hospital in Seattle. After the surgery she wanted desperately to return to the soccer field at Westmont.

Brittany Jewett / Westmont Soccer Player

Since Brittany needed intense rehab, she chose to do this at Prevail with Chris. Each time she had rehab she called home full of excitement relating to us how positive and encouraging Chris was with her. She showed great progress and a good part of this progress, I believe, was due to Chris' outlook for her future. She related that Chris conveyed this positive viewpoint in a very personal way to her.

As her Mom, I was kept informed through emails from Chris continually keeping me "in the loop" where Brittany's work-outs and progress were concerned. My husband and I felt that we were made an integral part of Brittany's program and progress from miles away.

We would recommend Prevail and the sensitive care given to their clients without hesitation. In our opinion, Brittany's recovery was a positive experience for her for which we are very grateful. 

-Tami Jewett (mother of Brittany)

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