Jun 23, 2010

Trainer Workout 6/21/10

This week, Kate wrote up a hefty circuit for the trainers at Prevail. Since she was feeling under-the-weather, we tackled her circuits without her, sadly. They were a challenge but super fun! Take a crack at the day's workout:


Circuit 1 (3 sets, 35s per station):
Ipsilateral quadrupeds
Rolling side bridge
Single leg balance with one arm body blade front raises
Straight leg toe-touch crunches (with medicine ball)
Stability ball crunches

Circuit 2 (3 sets, 35s per station):
TRX single arm, single leg squats
RDL with dumbbell row
Tricep dips with feet elevated
Cable Cross Lat Pulldowns
Medicine ball push-ups (alternating arms between reps)

Circuit 3 (3 sets, 35s per station):
TRX slideboard pikes
Cable hammer curl with rope (face away from machine with cable between legs)
Double arm rope waves
Multi-directional lunges

Please do not hesitate to email or call any of the trainers at Prevail Conditioning if you have any questions.

As always, complete at your own risk. Prevail Conditioning is not responsible for any injuries or accidents. Be smart, be safe, and have fun!

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