May 13, 2010

Trainer Workout 5/7/10

Here's another one to enjoy.  Remember, always use loads, tempos and speeds you can maintain perfect technique with.  Poor movement with load = Pain.

Strength and Power
1a. Hang Clean 3x3-6
b.  Non Alt Bent Leg Quadruped Opposites w/MiniBand and Band Resistance 3x8 each, 30-60 seconds recovery

2a.  BB Dead Lift 3x8
b.  Push-ups on Bosu (with leg lifted) 3x10-40
c. Rotating Push-ups on Wobble Board Rotating 3x3-8 each
d.  Reverse Crunch on Bench with SB 3x 8-12, 30 seconds recovery

3a. Foot Elevated Split Squat SB - Foot Elevated Push Up 3x2/2 8-12 total
2. BB RDL - BB High Row 3x2/2 8-12 total, 30 seconds recovery

Metabolic Conditioning:
Each Station 30 secs

1. Mountain Climbers on slide
2. Jump rope
3. Cone Clock Drill
4. Box Jumps Up and Down
5. Sled pushes with 50lbs

One min rest. Repeat 2 more times.

Consult a physician prior to beginning any exercise program and stop at the onset of any pain or dizziness.

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