May 11, 2010

Trainer Workout 5/10/10

Every week the trainers at PCPC do a "family workout". We take turns planning the workout and spend about an hour trying new moves and testing out different techniques. Here is the circuit from last night. Give it a try and feel free to add weight or repetitions:

Core (three sets at 30s per station):
a) Side Plank with hip abduction
b) V sit-ups
c) Russian twist
d) Supermans
e) Bosu bridge with knee cross punch

Upper body (3 sets):
a) Pronated Pull-ups, 9
b) DB Push press, 6
c) Feet elevated push-up, 6
d) Inverted row with feet on swiss ball, 6
e) Pike push-up, 6

Lower body (3 sets):
a) Crossover squats, 5 each
b) Lateral lunges, 5 each
c) Slideboard Leg Curl Hip Lift
d) Lateral hurdle jump x30
e) Lateral Slideboard conditioning, 30s

Some of these exercises can be viewed on our video site:

As always, please use caution when attempting any exercise routine. Complete at your own risk and check with a medical professional before commencing physical exertion.

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