May 7, 2010

About a year ago...

It was one year ago today I posted some thoughts on integrity and the joy and pleasure I have in having the opportunity to be around people on a weekly basis who exemplify that trait.  I was reminded of this again this morning.  I was further reminded this group of people exemplify character, humility, passion, commitment and a life spent investing in others.  Most important, they exemplify Christ.  Namely, the Westmont College Kinesiology Department Faculty and Staff.

This morning I was invited again to the Westmont Kinesiology Department breakfast for graduating Seniors.  Over the last couple years I have been fortunate be an Adjunct at Westmont College.  This year was a bit more special for me as I had the opportunity to be more involved in some teaching and get to know more of the graduating seniors.  Sitting and listening to parents, grandparents and students share their thoughts and hearts at how they had been impacted by the faculty in the department was both humbling and inspiring.  As I listened I realized that my own experience has been (and continues to be) very similar to theirs.  I am continually uplifted, encouraged, spurred toward growth, offered wisdom and insight about the balance and purpose of life, and share times of both grief and laughter that come with living. 

Today I realized something further, though.  I realized (and was reminded by a faculty member) that the students have had a significant impact on me as well.  I have been amazed with the students I have had the opportunity to get to know and share time with over the past 2-3 years.  Young people with hearts and minds that have encouraged me in my life, challenged me to learn, reminded me to have fun, and impressed upon me the continued need for those who lead lives of significance through character, integrity and a life seeking Christ.  They remind me that a life spent doing anything else is a but a waste.

Thank you again to the Kinesiology Department Faculty and Staff.

Thank you Kinesiology Graduates of 2010...
                ...especially those of you from the KNS 160 class!

Blessings and honor and peace.

Chris Ecklund, MA, CSCS, USAW

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