Apr 5, 2010

It's Not As Difficult As We Make It...

by Dayne Gingrich, Mental Skills Coach

90% of everything we do is a habit. 

We create those habits through massive, massive repetition... consciously and unconsciously. If we can create bad habits through such repetition, we can also create new, better habits through the same process.

The challenge is taking the necessary action to repeat the good habits over and over.

In order for anything to manifest, we must first make a conscious decision to want it to happen... this may be one of the most difficult things we do. Making that concrete decision isn't easy, and is what holds many of us back from achieving new and better. We know we "want" something different, but too often, lack the courage to commit to that decision that will create a shift in our mindset.

The biggest mistake I see every day is people trying to "change bad habits." Trying to change the habit actually makes us focus more attention on it, resulting in an even stronger bad habit. We spend so much time on the habit we don't want, we ironically make it more powerful.

Instead, we should concentrate on CREATING NEW habits.
Figure out what we want... repeat over and over.
Sounds simple? It is!
It's so simple, most completely overlook the ease at which these new habits materialize.
Clarity is very often too clear to see.

Dayne is the owner of Coach Your Mind, where he trains all levels of athletes to maximize their mental and emotional skills during competition. He’s a former professional tennis player, who has been competing at elite levels his entire life. He was recruited to play Division I basketball out of high school, and became a scratch golfer in his 20’s.  While actively competing, he immediately recognized the mental game wasn’t being pursued as widely as the physical. His goal is to change this specific focus for athletes… helping them realize the mental game is a powerful weapon that, when balanced with the physical, will separate the great from the average.

Email Dayne: dgingo@cox.net

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