Mar 18, 2010

Today's Workout...Brutal

Great workout today. Give it a shot. Quick warning...the rope climbs are incredibly demanding for forearms. If you're forearm strength is low (like mine), you may need to add in greater recovery periods or have to rest between the climb and lowering phases.

1a. BB Split Snatch 4x6
b. Valslide Handwalks Forward/Backward 4x15yds each 30 sec recovery
2a. Rope Climbs Hand over Hand (no feet) 4x8ft
b. Dips off Bench 4x20
c. Swiss Ball Oblique Crunches 4x7ew 30 second recovery
3a. Rope Climbs Parallel (no feet) 3x8ft
b. Swiss Ball Push Ups hands on 4x25
c. Sled Push @180lbs 4x30yds
d. Torso Trainer Russian Twists 4x3ew 60 second recovery

Metabolic Conditioning:
4 x 20 Seconds Heavy Rope Circuit
-10 Jumping Big Waves
-10 Big Circles outward
-20 Drums
30 seconds recovery

Great Job Wolfshorndl!

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