Dec 22, 2008

May 2008 Core Conditioning Group Training

Here's the Core Conditioning training class at Hayashida & Associates Physical Therapy Clinic. For those of you who are athletes, weekend warriors, or just looking for something different than the typical "gym" workout...put this into effect for a month and watch your agility, stability, balance, explosiveness and core strength improve. If you are an athlete, you can utilize this program as a pre-season, in-season or off season program for improving strength and power-endurance. Variations and progressions exist with each exercise.

Holler with questions:

Dynamic Warm Up/Movement Prep (5-10 minutes)

Core Circuit (2-4 Sets / 30 seconds each / 0-5 seconds between exercises)
Ab Roller
Swiss Ball Back Extension
Quadruped Ipsilateral
Draw In Unsupported March
Cable PNF Lift
Side Bridge (both)

Explosive / Balance Circuit (same sets/time)
DB Push Press
Forward/Reverse Mini Band Walk (Abduction)
Mini Hurdle Skip (forward/reverse)
Zig Zag Hop & Stick
Push Up Clap or Pivot Push Up
Bodyblade PNF w/SL Balance

Agility / Lift Circuit (same sets/time)
Miniband Lateral Shuffle
Single Leg RDL Contralateral
Quad Patterns (1-2’s & 3-4’s)
FreeMotion Push-Pull
Cone Star Drill
DB Lunge w/Press & Knee Punch

Active-Isolated Stretching Cool Down (5-10 minutes)
Strength/Agility Circuit
Bear Crawl/Crab Walk
Agility Ladder 2 Step Backward Run
Valslide Push Up
Fan Drill Cones
Split Squat & Cable Row
Clock Drill Cones

Perform exercises with perfect posture and landing technique prior to progressing to more difficult variations. If you can't do it slow and can't do it fast and heavy! Simple as that.


Consult a physician prior to beginning any exercise program and stop at the onset of any pain or dizziness.

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