Sep 28, 2008

What I Recommend

For those of you who have not yet taken a look at some of the resources I subscribe to and recommend, take a look in the right hand margin of my blog.

I did want to make special note of a couple sites I use for my own reading/learning as well as some of the sites I use for my own purchases and for those of my clients: Edited and run by Mike Boyle, this website has some of the top Strength & Conditioning professionals in the country contributing their thoughts and updates on research, program design, nutrition, injury prevention, etc. One of the primary benefits of this site is online video resources. If you're a strength and conditioning professional or just an avid learner, take a moment to check out this site. My trusted source for supplement products and information. These are the only products I have taken and recommended to my clients for the past 6 years . With so many companies out there, it's tough to know who is doing the research and putting safe, quality USP grade products in the packages. These guys do it. And not only that, their products work synergistically well within their easy systems.

Also, if you're a trainer looking for a good company to retail to your clients or on your site, you can do it with AdvoCare (click here).

Perform Better: My choice for almost all equipment purchases. Good quality, tons of variety, great library for learning as well.

Human Kinetics:
if you're looking for ANY book related to exercise, nutrition, training, strength, conditioning, etc., you'll be able to find it here.

NSCA Performance Videos: A recent find of mine. A great video collection utilizing Dartfish technology showing proper form & technique for several athletic-related lifts, Olympic Lifts and variations, Power Lifts, and Acceleration mechanics.

SPARQ Training: Athletes, this is another Good resource for up-and-coming Performance techniques. Find articles and videos on improving your speed, power, agility, reaction, quickness. Another great tool for exercise info and demo videos. Not fun to navigate, but if you take the time you'll find good info. Mark Vertegen's site. Another tremendous site filled with information on exercise for athletic performance, example programs, nutrition insight, and a large library of exercise videos.

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