Apr 3, 2008

Who Cares About Organic Food?

This one still bugging you? Not sure what to do with it? I know the feeling. It seems that where I live, the new Food Mantra is much the same as the old lifting mantra from Gold's Gym back in the day: Go Organic or Go Home! It appears to be one of those issues that keeps circling around until you don't know which end is up and eventually lose perspective on the entire issue.

In a recent newsletter published by a colleague of mine, Jill Daniels, MS, RD, she addressed the question that most are still asking: does organic food consumption matter, and if so...when?

I agreed with and enjoyed her perspective on the issue saying, in essence, if your budget can afford it you should consider it for your long term health and performance benefit.

Jill referenced a post from the Environmental Working Group which shows a spectrum of food to help prioritize choices for organic purchases. Check the list below for the top of the "contaminated" list or visit the website for a more complete list.

Produce to buy organic, since its most commonly contaminated:

Sweet Bell Peppers
Grapes (imported)

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