Jan 2, 2008

Advocare Scientific And Medical Advisory Board Member Wins Prestigious International Award

excerpt from Advocare.com

Dr. Carl Keen, Distinguished Professor of Nutrition and Internal Medicine at the University of California, Davis, was awarded the Outstanding Researcher Prize at the Third International Conference on Polyphenols and Health, held in Kyoto, Japan, Nov. 25-28, 2007. Dr. Keen is a world-renowned expert in the study of flavanols (active compounds found in cocoa, green tea, purple grape products, other fruits and vegetables, and a number of AdvoCare products), and shared the award with Dr. Augustin Scalbert of France and Dr. Helmut Sies of Germany.

"The award reflects the efforts of a great many people on our research team" says Dr. Keen. "Just like AdvoCare, combined efforts, discipline and dedication to a common goal are some of the keys to success."

AdvoCare's Scientific and Medical Advisory Board has over 250 years of professional experience in nutrition, medicine, sports performance, pharmacology and health sciences. The vision of Dr. Carl Keen and others on the Board continue to bring the safest, most effective and innovative products to the marketplace. Congratulations Dr. Keen!

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