Sep 18, 2007

Pre Season Workout

This is a great workout for early pre-season that address all areas of training:
Dynamic Warm Up
Acceleration/First Step Speed
Strength and Core

Focus early on is form and function. Pre-Season training is preparation. If you can't hold form, posture and stability now, chances are you won't be able to later in the training season either.

I tried to minimize some of the abbreviations. Most you can figure out. Enjoy the Workout! Holler with questions.

Warm Up
Sets 1 | Reps 8-10 each
Heel/Toe Walks
Prisoner Squat (Arms F/B/O)
Arm Circles F/B
Fake Jump Rope F/B
Easy Skip F/B
Lateral Skip
1/2 Speed Build Up (Nat/Un)
Hip Circle
Mountain Climber
Push Up
Superman P1/P2/P3
Sidelying Abduction/Adduction
Lateral Lunge
3/4 Build Up (Nat/Un)
Good Morning (Arms by Ears)
Mummy Walks
Quad Stretch/Knee Hug Walks
Piriformis Walk
Push Up Protractions
Full Speed Build Up (Nat/Un)

Movement/Transitory Plyo
Sets 2-4 | Reps 6-8 each
Practice Powerline
Practice Ready Position
Wall Drill 1ct
2pt 3/4 Build Up (Natural/Unnatural)
Wall Drill 2ct
DL Broad Jump/Stick
2pt 3/4 Build Up (Natural/Unnatural)
Power Skips (height)
2pt 3/4 Build Up (Natural/Unnatural)

Lateral Broad Jump/Stick
Lateral Broad Jump Repeats
Squat Step Lateral
Heiden and Stick

Quad Patterns
DL 1-2, 1-4, 1-3, 4-2

Agility Ladder
1 step/box F/B Runs
2 step/box F/B Runs
2 step/box Lateral Runs
F/B Hops w/Stick
Lateral Hops w/Stick

Lift (2 5-Station Circuits)
Sets 2-4 | Reps 8-10 each

MB Push Up (one hand on)
SLDL (MB Behind head)
Side Bridges
Y/T/W/L (separate)
MB Ovrhd Split Sq In Line

Prone Opposites
Squat Wave
DI Supported Alt Hip Flex
Narrow Push Up (touch MB)
SL Hip Lift

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